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Family theme park vacations are filled with adrenaline and experiences for all ages. Whether you're a pulse-pounding roller coaster junkie or’d rather take a teacup for a spin, there is an attraction for everyone. With such a wide variety of theme parks across the world you will find your match, you can either slip and slide from some of the steepest waterslides, experience dolphins and sharks up close, or see movies come to life. It is indeed a fun filled family vacation package for all ages.

Theme Park Travel Tips

Theme Park Vacations

Visiting theme parks is a tried and true vacation idea for families around the world. No matter your country, there is bound to be a park nearby to explore. But if you’re in the mood to experience the thrills of famous international theme parks, choosing a destination is incredibly easy!

If you’re ready to show your kids the magic and joy that theme parks bring, don’t hesitate to plan a holiday today! You’ll find the perfect park, no matter where in the world you live. Your kids will thank you for it!

Famous Theme Paks

In America, be sure to book a room in Orlando’s famous family-friendly resorts to explore Disney World from top to bottom. With themed rides that will bring you back to your childhood (Swiss Family Robinsons, anyone?), plus modern-day classics (Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean) there’s truly something magical for everyone in the family. Vacation packages are easy to find, so book early to take advantage! Across Orlando you’ll find Universal Studios, where the magic of film comes alive. Older kids will be swept off their feet after casting spells at Diagon Alley in Harry Potter World. Universal Studios takes care of accommodations by providing plenty of hotel rooms and all-inclusive packages to choose from, too.

In California, the main attraction is Disneyland, where families stay and play for weeks on end. The sunny west coast weather is perfect to enjoy all the of exciting rides. Whether you love roller coasters or prefer to stick to the tea cups, Disneyland has something for you to do! A tourist favorite is the Matterhorn Bobsled ride- kids and adults both love it!

Luckily Disney has parks around the world, so no one has to miss out on the fun! You’ll find them dotting the map in Florida, California, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Paris.

All around North America, it’s easy to find a local theme park to enjoy with the children. The Six Flags franchise has parks everywhere from Canada to Mexico. A few favorites are Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, and Six Flags New England in Massachusetts. Six Flags México is tucked into the heart of Mexico City, which makes it extremely accessible from tourists hot spots like Acapulco.

Theme Parks in Europe

In Europe, Tenerife’s Loro Parque is a classic destination for thousands of families each year. They flock to the Spanish island during the warm summer months to enjoy the sun, sand, and natural beauty. To create a diverse beach holiday, spend the day exploring Loro Parque’s thirty-three acres of wonder. Kids can view dolphin shows, meet orca whales, mimic chimpanzees, and fall in love with the otters.


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