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When you first purchased your timeshare, you probably bought for the right reasons. To spend quality vacation time with friends and family every year. But, let’s face it. Life changes. Unfortunately, your annual maintenance fees and taxes don’t stop, even if you’re not using your timeshare. weholi gives the power back to owners like you.

  • Not using your timeshare? Get paid to share what you own with resort vacationers who want it right now!
  • Don’t want your timeshare anymore? Sell your timeshare to a weholi member without paying any commissions or hidden fees.

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Do you want to access deals on resort accommodations you can’t find anywhere else? Why settle for a hotel room when you can rent a studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4-bedroom resort residence directly from a timeshare owner, at rates lower than most area hotels.

  • Access resort vacation deals you can’t find anywhere else
  • Get exclusive benefits, travel tips, discounts and concierge service normally only available to resort owners!

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"weholi has been a life-saver! Now we can rent our timeshare without paying commissions or huge upfront fees. The rental proceeds from our timeshare now more than covers our maintenance fees, plus our annual weholi membership dues. Thank you weholi!"

Eau Claire, WI, USA


Resort Traveler

"weholi is amazing! I was able to rent a 2-bedroom villa in Orlando, FL right next to Disney for less then it would have cost to rent a mediocre hotel room. I'll definitely use weholi again!"

Sacramento, CA

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