Family-Friendly Resorts

Family resorts boast playgrounds game rooms and fun activities

Vacation with Family

Fun attractions and things to do right near your accommodation

Family Activities

Adventure packed family vacation hiking, swimming, or local attractions

Spacious Accommodations

Resorts accommodations offer 2+, 3+ rooms or more

Plan the perfect family vacation! All you need is a great location and accommodation.

weholi offers both! Finding Family-friendly resorts in a top location can be a challenge, but we got it all sorted out for you. Family vacations, though complicated, are extremely fulfilling for children and parents alike. Choose one of the many family-friendly resorts available where you and your loved ones can enjoy a fun-filled vacation while getting pampered with quality service to cater to your families needs.

Family Travel Tips

Plan the perfect family vacation

Family vacations, though complicated, are extremely fulfilling for children and parents alike. But planning a holiday that caters to all family members isn’t as challenging you might think. Families from around the world create wonderful memories time and time again by planning age-appropriate activities, finding family-friendly restaurants, and booking suitable accommodation.

City-trip family vacation

Whether you’re on holiday to an urban destination like London or escaping to the beach, it’s easy to find activities to do with children. In cities, be sure to explore attention-grabbing spots like natural history or interactive science museums. What’s not to love about giant dinosaur bones and bubbling experiments? Find the perfect apartment in the city center for your family with up to 2, 3 or 4 rooms. Cities are also great for wandering through parks and botanical gardens. Some parks even have specifically designed play structures for children to go wild on, such as the Jardin du Dragon in Paris’ Parc de la Villette. Booking tickets at a children’s theatres is a wonderful way for kids to access local art, as well!

Family beach vacation

When visiting the beach, rent snorkeling equipment and boogie boards for the little ones, build sand castles together, and and hunt for unique seashells. Many beach and city destinations often have access to theme parks, water parks, and zoos that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Orlando’s Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world and is only an hour’s drive from Daytona Beach. Book your next resort right by the beach to fully enjoy your vacation with your family.

Family-friendly accommodation

Find family-friendly accommodation is extremely important when planning a holiday. Will you need access to a full kitchen to prepare specific meals? If so, condos and timeshares are great choices. Do you want beachfront views? Villas and house rentals take luxury to the next level. Are you simply ready for all-inclusive amenities? Many hotel resorts offer vacation packages that assist in planning the most memorable trip of your life by providing in-house gear rentals, access to giant pools, and the little things like extra towels and roll-away cribs!


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