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Famous beaches line the coasts all around the world, and we know where to get the best beach accommodation with all the luxury you need!

The beach is a great destination for everyone, either you can soak up the sun and cool off in the crystal blue waters, or if you’re an active traveler you can catch some waves with some surfing lessons, but not to worry there is always plenty of snorkeling and leisure activities to stay busy while on vacation. Resort accommodations right by the beach offer enough space for the whole family or just a spring break getaway with your friends.

Read about our top beach picks below and find the right destination for you!

Beach Travel Tips

Beach Vacation

A fabulous summer vacation idea is to visit the beach with the entire family, your significant other, or on a girls-only holiday. With white, sandy beaches lining the coast of every populated continent, finding the right destination for you is incredibly easy. Whether you enjoy renting a beach-front condo, finding a private house, or booking an all-inclusive resort, there are many accommodation options at the beach, as well.

A famous holiday destination in America is the beautiful shores of Florida, where the beaches run for hundreds of miles. Plenty of resorts offer family-friendly vacation packages, with access to restaurants, shopping, and of course, the beach! Cities like Fort Myers Beach, Panama City, and Palm Beach have exclusive resorts that make your vacation one step easier. Just book your room and go! Miami is great for those who love to take advantage of fancy dinners and outrageous the nightlife after a day on the water! California is an iconic destination for beach lovers from everywhere, who flock to the west coast for the sunshine and relaxed atmosphere. Venice Beach, San Diego, and Malibu are all favorite beach spots for vacationers!

European Beaches

Europeans love to visit the beach while on holiday to escape rainy climates and the hustle and bustle of city life. A few luxury beach vacation spots in Europe are the beautiful islands of Spain: the Canary Islands, Mallorca, and Ibiza. Famous for their resorts featuring all inclusive vacation packages, these islands are great for families, honeymoons, and even quick weekend trips. And if nightlife is a bonus for you, Ibiza is definitely your next vacation rental spot.

Romantic beach getaways

Nothing says the words honeymoon destination quite like the pristine, white sand beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean. Islands like Aruba, the Bahamas, Saint Martin, and Anguilla have all of the appropriate amenities to cater to newlyweds. Rent a cottage over the turquoise Caribbean waters, where you can spend all day in the arms of your loved one. Or book a room at a luxury spa resort on a secluded tip of the island. The beaches of Mexico are also perfect for couples who need to get away. Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos all have that fairytale-like quality, where there’s an umbrella in your drink and sand in your toes.

Travel down under to explore aussie beaches

As a continent, country, and island, Australia is famous for its access to hundreds of miles of untouched coastlines. For city dwellers, the Sydney beaches of Bondi and Manly are staples in any summertime vacation agenda. But the ultimate Australian beach has a life of it’s own. The Gold Coast is perhaps the most famous of the country’s beachfront destinations because of it’s swanky attitude, luxurious high rises, surf breaks, and 43 miles of sandy shores. For a more laidback atmosphere, head to the Fremantle Coast near the city of Perth in Western Australia.


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